Shay Franco-Clausen onto Victory!

Elevating LGBTQ Leaders, representation is Power!

The Victory Institute, based in Washington DC, is one if the top LGBTQ organizations that works to increase the number of LGBTQ people in public office and to provide programming, service and other support, to help ensure their success.

I am excited to announce…I WAS SELECTED!!

I can’t believe I will be one of the 12 LGBTQ Leaders in the United States, that the Victory Institute has chosen to invest in, with training and necessary skills to run for office and WIN. I am so honored and humbly grateful for Victory Institute investing in my leadership and values.

HUGE THANKS to EQCA Leadership Academy, Justine Gonzalez and Allison Smith-VanKuiken for exposing me to this amazing opportunity! #TheFutureIsLGBTQLeaders #LGBTQLeaders #VictoryInstitute #FutureIsFemale

You may wish to send Shay your congratulations, as I do!


Char Bland delivers the Truth to Soroptimists

ACCW’s Vice President delivered this presentation to the Soroptimists Club of Altadena-Pasadena on May 11, 2017

Char presented information on statistics highlighting the differences between men and women on the issues of employment and earnings, housing and homelessness, women veterans, domestic violence and human trafficking, which has become a global epidemic from the Commission on the Status of Women 2015 Report on the Status of Women in Pasadena.

The report highlights four key areas and challenges that Pasadena women face, including:

  • Employment and Earnings – The annual gender earnings gap is $0.91 for women ages 16 and older who works full-time.  When including the salaries of part-time workers, the annual gender earnings gap is significantly larger at $0.79.

There is a bigger disparity in the wages for African American and Hispanic women.

  • Housing and Homelessness – Thirty percent of households are headed by women with no spouse present; women constitute 35 percent of the homeless population; and women constitute 23 percent of the unsheltered homeless adult population. These numbers do not include the boomerang young adults and the older adults that life changes have affected their income.
  • Women Veterans – Women make up only 8 percent of the veteran population but constitute 12 percent of the homeless veteran population.
  • Domestic Violence – Women are victims in 84 percent of the domestic violence cases filed.
  • Today April 26, 2017 is “Denim Day in LA and USA. The Women’s City club has a policy of “no jean”, but in acknowledging Denim Day made an exception to allow attendees to wear “Denim” for the meeting in bringing awareness to violence against women in our communities

The report also includes Los Angeles County statistics on human trafficking, with California reporting 16 percent of human trafficking cases between 2008 and 2012, the highest in the nation, and the county reporting 1,300 trafficking victims between 2010 and 2012. Information from “CAST “ Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking

The City of Pasadena has signed a letter for the SB1193 Implementation ( Human Trafficking

Char, shared “ The Survival Guide” for Individuals, Families and Organizations is a resource guide that focuses on Healthcare, Childcare, Employment opportunities, Government Programs, Housing, Substance Abuse Programs and Transportation. This guide highlights organizations and services that are readily available to provide assistance to Pasadena and surrounding area residents.

News You Can Use

This message is from Rebecca Griffin, re SB309 (License Plate) :  

“We had strong testimony from Sen. Jackson, NARAL and Planned Parenthood. An anti-choice person testified against, but people weren’t very receptive. We passed out of the committee with a 10-3 vote (including one Republican in favor). I’ll keep you posted on next steps.”

Rebecca Griffin, Associate Director, California Programs, NARAL Pro-Choice California415.500.8123

ACCW Treasurer Anne Wolf is in the process of sending membership forms to all Commissions.  Please look out for yours and complete (and pay!) as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Commissioner Phyllis Gordon of Contra Costa reports:

“Loudoun County Virginia Commission launched two weeks ago! That’s the one I helped when I was back East in February.  I’m speaking May 20 in Solano County up here near me at a Women’s Empowerment event about starting a County Commission.  Trying to drum up business.”

News from Commissioner Tracy Beard, Santa Barbara:

“I’m currently in Washington DC to lobby for the SB Chamber of Commerce, and for women at the Women’s Bureau for $$s and representation. ”


Commissioners Nancy Cohen & Shanta Franco-Clausen are working diligently on sending you an electronic Survey from the input you gave at the April meeting.  Keep your eyes peeled!